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Leslie, a Pilates student from Unionville, CT, starting the day off right.

Leslie, a Pilates student from Unionville, CT, starting the day off right.

Why I Love Pilates and Share it with Everyone

Some people love running, enjoy the gym, are inspired by bicycling, live to swim..., but I never found any activity that really inspired or motivated me until I found Pilates.  From my first session I was hooked.  I had found an exercise system that was effective, challenging and efficient.  One that strengthened every part of my body while stretching it and left my body feeling energized.  

Pilates engages my brain in the same way as it engages my body.  It requires focus, forcing you to leave your day-to-day worries behind.  For one hour, you simply use your mind to work your body and when you’re done you feel better than when you started. 

"My passion is helping people discover the beauty of classical Pilates and the profound impact it can have on your body and your life. No matter what your age or condition, I look forward to bringing the many benefits of Pilates to you."

- Mary Osmolski


"While combining a safe yet challenging Pilates workout, Mary's expertise and encouragement combine for a rewarding and fun regime.  Her skill, focus, and direction have helped me develop a level of strength and self confidence that I have not experienced with any other Pilates teacher.  Her skill is only exceeded by her patience and kindness."  

- Carol, a Pilates student from Canton, CT

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