The Pilates Studio in Collinsville, CT

A Truly Private, One-on-One Pilates Lesson

My professional, home-based Pilates studio is tranquil, sunny and welcoming.  It is private and inviting. When you come for a session, the studio and all of the apparatus are reserved for your personal use. This truly private environment and one-on-one attention allow you to focus your body and mind without distraction so you get the most out of your Pilates session.

Fully Equipped Gratz Pilates Studio in NW Connecticut

The studio is equipped with the finest professional Pilates apparatus made by Gratz Industries, Joseph Pilates original manufacturer.  It is the only fully equipped Gratz studio in northwestern Connecticut.  There is a famous quote by Joseph Pilates that is often seen in reference to Pilates...

“In 10 lessons you will feel a difference, in 20 lessons you will see a difference, in 30 lessons you will have a whole new body.”

What is often not mentioned is that Joseph Pilates used this quote in his own advertising, referring to his own apparatus.  The Pilates equipment you work on does make a difference in the impact the work has in your body.  Gratz apparatus are made to the same dimensions, weights, resistance, feel and integrity of Joe’s original designs.

My Gratz Equipped Studio in Collinsville CT Includes the Following Apparatus:

• Cadillac
• Reformer
• Arm Chair
• Pedi-Pole
• Wunda Chair
• Electric Chair
• Ladder Barrel
• Spine Corrector
• Small Barrel

"I have only been working with Mary a very short time and have seen more results in this time versus any other Pilates workout I have ever done. Mary is a patient and kind teacher. I am learning so much about Pilates and the mind connection, and how to truly find my core."

 - Laurel, a Pilates student from Farmington, CT

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