Cost and Commitment

  • The studio offers one-on-one classical Pilates sessions tailored to your goals and capabilities. A 50-55 minute private session is $70 including tax.
  • Payment may be made by cash or check and is due at time of service.
  • Committing to at least 2 sessions per week is ideal. Current clients come for conditioning 1-3 times per week. A little Pilates is better then no Pilates!
  • Please provide 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule to avoid being charged for a missed appointment. If you habitually miss or reschedule appointments, you will be asked to pay in advance prior to scheduling future sessions.
  • While I totally understand that life happens, please attempt to be on time for your appointment.  Appointments that start late will end on time.
  • At your initial visit you will be asked to complete a basic health questionnaire. Clients are asked to keep me up to date if their health changes.
  • Consult your health care professional prior to beginning any exercise regime including Pilates.
  • Clients assume any and all risk while on the premises and during their Pilates session.

Pilates Etiquette 

  • Please wear comfortable clothing that is not excessively baggy.  Being able to see your body alignment is important to ensuring you get the most out of your lesson.  If you plan to wear shorts, make sure the legs won’t slide up.  If they do, please wear compression shorts underneath to ensure that your under wear choices are kept private :). 
  • Please leave your shoes at the door.  Pilates is done barefoot or in skid resistant socks.  The studio will provide you with skid resistant socks. 
  • Please do not wear clothing with exposed zippers, buckles, snaps or studs.  The Pilates apparatus is very expensive and its upholstery is easily scratched. 
  • It’s also best to leave your jewelry at home or take it off before your session.  In addition to potentially scratching the upholstery, jewelry can get caught in the apparatus possibly damaging the jewelry, the apparatus, or you.  
  • Please skip the lotion.  Some exercises require you to grab your legs, hands or to press firmly into a mat.  Lotion can make you and the apparatus surfaces dangerously slippery.  
  • At the end of your lesson, please clean off any equipment that you used
  • Please silence your phone.

"What do you look for in a Pilates teacher? One priority for me is a person who is very much in touch with where I am in my progress and who knows how to make adjustments according to the needs of my body. I found these qualities in Mary Osmolski. She not only has the technical qualifications of a skilled Pilates teacher, she has extensive knowledge about how the body works."

- Kathy, a Pilates student from West Hartford

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