Pilates Credentials

Continuing Education in Pilates

After completing my Comprehensive Pilates training, I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of the work so I continued to study Pilates with second generation Master Teacher, MeJo Wiggin.  MeJo was taught Pilates by Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska, who was taught Pilates by Joseph Pilates.  I continue to study three times a week with MeJo Wiggin and in 2014, I completed her prestigious Classical Syllabus®.   I strive to teach the Pilates System as MeJo teaches me, as authentically as possible.

I am constantly attending workshops and training seminars on everything from Human Anatomy to sessions taught by Pilates Masters Mary Bowen, Jay Grimes, Lori Coleman-Brown, Dorothee Vandewalle, Peter Fiasca, Clare Dunphy, Chris Robinson and Sean Gallagher.   As I continue my studies, the magic and power of Pilates continues to inspire me as a teacher.. There is no need to adapt or modify the work using props or gimmicks. Pilates is a life changing system. The deeper you understand it, the more it changes your body. As your body changes, so does your understanding of the work.

I am constantly learning more about Pilates and strive to bring my enthusiasm for Pilates to my Farmington Valley Pilates students.

Peak Pilates™ Comprehensive Certified Teacher

500+ hour classical Pilates program aimed at teaching Pilates as a fluid system connecting movements to build strength, flexibility and endurance.

My training included all of the classical Pilates apparatus and all levels of the exercises from beginner to advanced. In addition to the 500 hours certification, I also completed a year long Pilates apprenticeship under a master teacher. 

Licensed Buff Bones® Instructor

Buff Bones® is a medically-endorsed workout that combines Pilates with bone-strengthening and balance techniques to optimize the health and safety of your bones.  The workout follows a research-supported design of specifically sequenced exercises, making it an entire system of bone and joint health, rather than just a set of exercises.  Toning your arms, hips, back and abs, it also improves posture, is adaptable to varying levels and is even safe for those with osteoporosis. Learn more about Pilates for Buff Bones® from the video below. 

Pilates Method Alliance® Certified Pilates Teacher

The PMA® is a third party validation of professional Pilates teachers.  A PMA Certified Teacher meets criteria that were established by a worldwide group of Pilates professionals and Pilates Elders drawn from many different schools of Pilates.

The criteria includes:

  1. Understanding of, and competency in the Pilates method

  2. Ethics

  3. Professional standards

  4. Third party validation of a 500 hour Pilates certification

Learn more about the PMA here.

"I've been taking Pilates three times a week for several years.  Six months ago I started working with Mary and the changes in my core strength have been remarkable!  Even my doctor noticed!!  Mary makes sure I understand not only how to do Pilates correctly but why the exercises should be done that way too."

 - Lori,  a pilates student from Avon, CT

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