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Collinsville Pilates

Collinsville Pilates is tranquil Pilates studio located in Collinsville, Connecticut.  Collinsville is centrally located within the Farmington Valley and is convenient to Canton, Unionville, Simsbury, Avon, Burlington, Harwington, Farmington, and West Hartford. The studio offers Private Classical Pilates lessons for all ages, body types and condition levels. 

Some of my clients are still enjoying Pilates in their 80s!  

The Pilates Method

Developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates, or Contrology as Joseph Pilates called it, is a system of exercises designed to improve alignment, strength, flexibility and posture all while enhancing your mind body connection.  The exercises are done with a minimal number of repetitions focusing on precise, efficient quality of movement.  Pilates is taught as a system.  The exercises are done in a sequence, working several groups of muscles at the same time.  The movements stretch one muscle group while strengthening another; all while working on your abdominal control.  Anyone can do Pilates and everyone can benefit from it.

The Pilates Studio

I only offer private lessons using the Classical Pilates System.  The studio is equipped with the finest Pilates apparatus available made by Gratz Industries™.  Gratz apparatus ensure results that are unparalleled over any other Pilates equipment manufacturer. Gratz worked with Joseph Pilates to build his original equipment and has maintained the integrity of Joseph Pilates’s designs to this day. Because of this commitment, your body will feel the Pilates exercises correctly in your body and you will get better results more quickly.

"I came to Mary's studio as a relatively new student in Pilates. Prior to working with Mary, I had tried a number of different training regimes, but nothing challenged me mentally and physically as much as Pilates did. Mary is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable instructor. Her studio is beautiful and welcoming. 

When I started my Pilates practice, my body was still healing after of challenging treatment for breast cancer. Additionally, I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis 15 years earlier and until this year I suffered from continued bone loss. 

Last fall I made a decision to work with Mary twice a week and the payoff in addition to a changed body shape was a significant regrowth of bone density in my hips and no bone loss in my spine. I am convinced this is a direct result of working with Mary. 

I have been exercising with trainers for many years but have never enjoyed the time spent with them as much as I have enjoyed working with Mary. I love forward to our time together each week."

Ida,  A Pilates student from Unionville



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